Welcome to NAMAIKI

Located in the vibrant heart of London's Soho, NAMAIKI is an authentic Edo-Mae sushi
restaurant serving meticulously crafted sushi. Our intimate setting and our dedication to
traditional Japanese cooking techniques make us a premier dining destination.

Our Philosophy

Why introduce a sushi restaurant in the heart of London? Sushi, a cuisine and culture born
in Japan, has become a universal language. Among sushi varieties, Edo-Mae sushi is a
cultural gem born out of Japan's unique history. Edo, a peaceful era devoid of warfare for
over 100 years, was a time of cultural blossoming, leading to the richness of Japanese
culture as we know it today. Edo-Mae sushi is a product of this era. Without refrigeration,
Edo's sushi chefs had to develop various preservation and cooking methods. Yet, they were
not fans of flashy fusion sushi.

Instead, they sought simplicity and depth of flavour. The seemingly simple sushi was
delicately crafted with various techniques. Yet these craftsmen wanted their guests to enjoy
the sushi in its most natural form. Achieving this "natural" form involves careful preparation,
from seasoning to drawing out water to enhance the natural flavours, to ageing for a
specific period to bring out the tenderness and taste of the fish. These techniques vary with
the type of ingredients and seasons, requiring daily adjustments from the chef. Our mission
at NAMAIKI is to properly introduce and share this culture and culinary heritage with the


NAMAIKI proudly serves an OMAKASE menu, derived from the Japanese term for 'I'll leave
it to you.' It is a culinary tradition that places complete trust in the chef, accepting all dishes
created especially for you. This unique dining experience is not simply about the food, but
also the relationship built on trust between the chef and the diner.

Our head Chef Daichi creates unique menus which reflect the season
using only the finest produce available.

Indulgent, delicious, an edible piece of art, whilst respecting traditional
sushi recipes and techniques used in Tokyo Japan for over 400 years.

We source only the finest quality, freshest ingredients with our local
suppliers, or directly from the source here in the United Kingdom,
throughout Europe and Asia.

Every effort and detail have been made to ensure that whilst dining with us at

Namaiki it feels like you are stepping into your favourite sushi restaurant in Tokyo. An
interactive experience will immerse you into a truly authentic Japanese dining
journey. When dining omakase, finishing everything that's put in front of you is
essential for good sushi etiquette.

Dining options

Lunch Omakase

Dinner Omakase

VIP Omakase (information on application)

Lunch & Dinner A La Carte (Walk-in no reservation required)

A La Carte Hours:
Lunch - 13:00 - 16:00
Dinner - 18:00 - 21:30

Omakase Hours:

Lunch 3 slots - 13:00, 14:00, 15:00
Dinner slot - 19:30

Due to the nature of our restaurant and its size, there is only limited
availability, for each time slot.

We recommend to arrive at the restaurant 10 minutes prior to your

Our lunch Omakase is served over 60 minutes and comprises of 11
courses including dessert included and is priced at

Our Signature dinner Omakase served over 90 minutes and comprises of
19 courses. Including decadent seasonal additions such as truffle, sea
urchin, and caviar, as well as the dessert included
priced at £180 pp

Fully immerse your senses by adding our seasonal sake pairing.
Comprising of 4 varietals, crafted to pair with the courses of the Omakase
priced at £75 per person.

VAT and 15% surcharge will be included in your reservation.

Kindly please let us know of any dietary or allergy requirements at the time of

booking or contact us directly.

Group bookings, events and private hire

VIP dining-Bespoke tailor-made menus, Private room with Chef, off menu
limited allocation sake (lunch and dinner)

We offer Sake dinner tastings each month, with our resident sake

Private hire and bespoke events also catered, contact us directly.




📞 +44 750 26 88 76